Disruptive Technology Group and Mediafly are partners. We bring our business process and industry-specific expertise to ensure best-in-class implementations of Alinean ValueStory™ for customers. For these value selling tools to work effectively, they can’t be stand-alone. They need to part of a deliberate value-based sales process.

Alinean ValueStory™ helps build credible financial justification. Which leads prospects to lower their status quo bias and want to engage. It also provides justification for customers to go from no budget for your product to find the required budget to buy.



Discovery & Plan 

We perform a discovery process to determine where your Sales and Marketing needs improvement.

Especially centered on how well you communicate the unique value of your solutions.

How you communicate value is foundational to;

  • Overcome status quo bias

  • Build the case for change

  • Motivate executives to allocate budget

Pitch Value, Not Technology Features

Stop selling the features of your technology, and instead pitch business value to prospective buyers every time.

Alinean Value Selling Tools: BVA, ROI & TCO Calculators


Alinean ValueStory turns static sales presentations into collaborative conversations that resonate with economic-focused buyers.


Present powerful visuals, buyer-specific insights, and actionable data to communicate your real value with ROI & TCO Calculators, interactive self-assessment and comparison tools. 

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Close the gap with your buyers

Traditional selling means there is often a shortfall between the value sellers are communicating and the full value a business can offer their buyers and prospects.

Value Gap



Salespeople struggle to communicate and quantify value.

Communicate Your Real Value

Unengaged Stakeholders


Static presentations offer no interaction or insights for the buyer


Engage Prospects & Buyers

Stalled Sales Deals

Buyers are hesitant to invest without proof of unique value

Reduce Sales Cycles

Want to add value selling tools into your sales and marketing?