• Bryan Socransky

Prospecting best practice for selling unbudgeted solutions

The status quo is the main competitor in complex B2B sales. Especially for products and services that fall outside existing budgets. Such as products or services that are innovative, intangible or in a new category.

Before a customer will buy your solution they first need to buy into the need for change. Especially if they have no budget allocated for your product.

So, a prospecting best practice is to have EVERYTHING a prospect sees or hears from you be 95% about the customer and why they should change. 5% about you, your company or your product.

Take this practical prospecting best practice step right now;

Remove the words “We” and “Our” from all your prospecting content.

“We are the market leader in…” BLAH BLAH BLAH

“Our product is…” BLAH BLAH BLAH

Replace these words with “You” and “Your” and tell them why they need to change. You want to talk about their challenges. Show them that you understand their problems.

For example; “Do your salespeople struggle to reach and engage with senior decision-makers?”

There are 2 immediate advantages of taking this prospecting best practice approach;

1. It will resonate more with decision makers. i.e. more prospects will want to take the next step such as have a call, schedule a meeting etc…

2. You will differentiate yourself from all the other salespeople that are calling on the same decision makers.

The goal of prospecting is to get an initial meeting. There is no need at this stage to start talking about your product or company. It is only detrimental to talk about your product prematurely. There are many reasons for this. Including the fact that you have not built rapport and trust yet with the decision maker. So, they aren’t going to believe anything you say anyway.

But for complex B2B sales, there is a more important reason to delay talking about your product. It is because the customer likely has no budget allocated for your solution. So, when you lead by pitching your product, they will make a quick decision to ignore you. Because they have no budget to buy what you are selling. Yes, this could be the reason that most of your prospecting is ignored and unanswered!

Prospecting best practice - Summary

STOP pitching your product.

STOP talking about your company.

STOP offering to demo your product.

Follow this prospecting best practice…

START by showing the prospect that you understand their challenges. Furthermore, build the case for why they need to change whatever they are doing today.

About the Author: Bryan Socransky is the CEO of Disruptive Consulting Group. Bryan's experience spans over 25 years in enterprise software and B2B SaaS. He helps companies who sell unbudgeted solutions generate faster pipeline and get more customers. By disrupting the status quo in favor of their innovative products and services.

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