To create value propositions, stories, and presentations we follow a defined process. This includes some of the following;


We want to hear from a wide variety of people. To get a good understanding of how your current value propositions resonate. This is also how we uncover powerful stories about your company and products.

One of our advantages is that many interviewees will be far more open to talk to a 3rd party. For example, former prospects will feel at ease talking to us vs. someone from your own company.


We interview people such as;

·       Existing customers

·       Loss analysis – former prospects

·       Salespeople

·       Key staff

Competitive Analysis



The biggest competitor in complex B2B sales is the status quo. So, we don’t focus too much on your direct competitors. But, you do want to differentiate. You don’t want to sound exactly like your direct competitors.


We perform a thorough competitive analysis. This ensures that the value propositions we design are compelling and differentiated.

A / B Testing and Iteration

Our work doesn’t end once we create new assets for you. Such as a value proposition, stories or presentations.


We want to make sure the new content is working. We perform A/B testing and we will iterate until we get to a version that is rock solid.