Top of Sales Funnel Face-Lift

Never have enough high-quality sales leads? Sales opportunities taking 9+ months only to lose to “no decision” or status quo?

Are your salespeople struggling to reach and engage senior-level decision-makers?

Imagine having someone who has been in your shoes before that can give you actionable advice.  Someone who can develop practical tools and methods for your specific sales challenges.

I can help you if:

·       Customers don't budget for your products and services.  You want help getting from unbudgeted to sold.

·       You want more predictable and consistent sales

·       Status quo is a major stumbling block.

·       Your products are innovative, intangible, or in a new product category.

We call it a “face-lift” because we zero in on specific areas that need improvement. We don’t mess with elements of your sales process that are working. We improve on those areas that need help. One or more of the following key areas usually need upgrading;

Value Proposition – how do your salespeople communicate the value of your products and services?

Story – how do your salespeople engage and connect with decision-makers?

Business Case – how do you justify why a customer should invest?

Process – who do your salespeople engage with? and what problems do they focus on?


1.       Increase customer acquisition rates

2.       Faster sales cycles

3.       More predictable sales funnel

On an initial call, we'll discuss your current sales and goals. We will work together to decide what makes the most sense for you and your budget.

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