Practical results of working with Disruptive Consulting Group include:

Increase revenues – eg. Visual Networks. Changed target market focus to enterprise customers with new value proposition. Sales enablement to support new market entry. Resulted in a sales increase of over 30%.

Faster sales cycles – eg. Atreus. Main market of hotels was in a massive slowdown. Identified a new market opportunity. Defined a new product to provide internet access for apartment and office buildings. Developed positioning, messaging and sales tools. Led to new incremental sales of ~30% and faster sales cycles.

More predictable sales funnel – eg. Sciemetric. Orchestrated a move from a custom engineering shop to a product-focused company. Resulted in 20% annual increase in sales that were more predictable and less ‘lumpy’.

Successful entry into new markets – eg. Genesys. New customer wins growth of 20%. Sales enablement to help transition from an infrastructure provider selling to mid-level managers. To a strategic partner selling to executives solving pressing business challenges.

Increase average deal size – eg. VoiceGenie. Increased sales by 25%/year. Changed from a go-to-market model that focused on tactical technology issues. To selling business applications to solve strategic business problems resulting in larger deal sizes.