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We help B2B technology companies grow organically


 It’s challenging to deliver rapid growth every quarter. Winning new customers one-by-one will not deliver the desired growth consistently. We help you find and exploit new growth opportunities.


Use partnerships to gain traction in new industries, geographies or with different buyers.

You need to do this right to avoid channel conflict. The key is to generate incremental sales via your channel. Partners selling deals you would have won through direct sales efforts is a waste.


1. Value Added Resellers (VARs) 

Create new sales channels. Or maximize existing VAR relationships to get more sales from each partner


Signing new partners is "easy". Monetizing and developing incremental sales is where the magic happens.


2. Systems Integrators (SIs) 

Leverage SIs to help scale your professional services. Focus on software development and let SI partners focus on deployments. 


3. Independent Software Vendors (ISV) 

ISVs integrate their solutions or build new solutions that leverage your platform. The combined solutions provide more value to customers and extend your market reach.


Example deliverables:

- Develop channel sales strategy

- Market mapping - direct vs. channels. Who sells what to which markets

- New partner recruitment

- Partner enablement: Sales & marketing in a box for partners – i.e. “jump start”

- Channel sales pipeline development


For Complex B2B SaaS sales (aka Enterprise Sales). ACV is greater than $25K, many decision makers, long sales cycle, optional buy. Requires a high-touch sales experience. 


In the prospect’s decision-making process, how you sell is as important as your product.

This is your real opportunity to differentiate and stand-out from the crowd!


Rule 1 - Before a customer will consider buying your product

they must want to change the status quo . BUT most sales processes do a poor job of building the case for change and focus too much on the product and company.

Rule 2 - Disrupting the status quo requires a different sales & marketing approach.


We take these rules to heart and infuse it into everything we do. 


Your current Marketing focuses on branding, events, content, social media and the website. 

We bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. We create actionable content for outbound prospecting and account-based marketing approaches.


Example deliverables:

- Target customers definition - buyers personas

- Positioning / Differentiation

- Playbooks for targeted sales plays (emails, cold call scripts, LinkedIN InMail, presentations)

- ROI / TCO tools / Business Case


Develop new business models to accelerate growth.

You are focused on selling your current products in the current model. You need to be constantly looking at different and new revenue streams.

  • OEM - 'white label' your software to another company.

  • Integrate with 3rd party software to create a new solution for a new market

  • New pricing models - transaction, usage or other


Example deliverables:

- Explore alternative business models

- Develop new sources of revenue via non-established models

- Develop new pricing / licensing models


Are you ready to accelerate your growth?