This is our proven method to persuade executives to invest in solutions that do not fit into existing budgets.

The Status Quo Disruptor method™ compliments any existing sales method you use. It helps address the pervasive challenges of complex B2B sales. Such as a struggle to fill the top of the sales funnel with enough opportunities. Or losing many deals to the status quo, no decision, or postponed.

These are some of the key elements of the Status Quo Disruptor method™;

  1. Engage with executives and avoid middle managers

  2. Focus on strategic issues

  3. Present unique and thought-provoking points of view

  4. Use a diagnostic study to;

    • Fully analyze the customer’s problem and scope a possible solution   

    • Develop a business case


The Status Quo Disruptor method™ underlies everything we do.  Our training, presentations, and coaching all leverage this method.




Engage with executives and avoid middle managers

There are several reasons to avoid middle managers and engage only with c-level executives.

First, middle managers don’t have the ability to say “yes”. All they can do is say “no”. So, if you focus your marketing and prospecting on middle managers you are setting yourself up to hear lots of “no’s”. This is especially true for projects that fall outside existing budgets. Only executives who control budgets can make decisions about re-prioritizing or increasing budgets.

The second reason to avoid middle managers is that they are the least likely to want to change the status quo. The status quo feels safe to them. It keeps them in their current role. Furthermore, any change to the status quo will involve far more work for them and their already overworked teams. So, they will be inclined to not want to ‘rock the boat’. There are exceptions. Some middle managers are change agents and innovators. But it is far easier to engage with executives than to try and find these outlier middle managers.

Of course, it is not as simple as avoiding middle managers and engaging with executives. You also have to change what you say and how you say it.


Focus on strategic issues

You need to address strategic issues that matter to executives. Since executives don’t have time to deal with routine matters. If your messaging doesn’t resonate, they won’t engage.

This is imperative given that your product or service is outside existing budgets. So, you must convey how critical the problems are that are addressed by your product. Note - in the early stages of engagement you should not talk about your product at all. Focus only on the problems it helps address.

You need to research to determine the hot buttons for each executive you want to reach. Then tailor your messaging accordingly.

Present unique and thought-provoking points of view

This is the area that most people struggle with in deploying the Status Quo Disruptor method™.

When selling products that have no budget you need to provide insights on a strategic issue. It needs to be something that the executive is under pressure to resolve. Your goal is to make the executive realize that change is not a nice to have but essential. Talking about your product features and giving demos will not get the job done. Your insights need to meet these two criteria;

1.    Unique and new – you have to provide new and unique insights to get the attention of executives. Telling them something they already know will not resonate. Providing the same insights as your competitors will also fall flat.

2.    Thought-provoking – your insights must be valuable. Along the sales process, you need to educate your prospects. Show them that you comprehend their problem better than anyone. You need to educate them about why they need to address this problem. As well as highlight the costs associated with continuing with the status quo.

Executives will not engage unless your message is clear. You must also come across as passionate. Otherwise, they will think you are just another vendor wasting their time. Stories are an effective means to share insights and convey emotion. When done right, stories inspire an executive to take the next step. 

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