Story-Powered Sales is a four-month learning program comprising of a one-day workshop plus a deliberate practice program that will help you establish the habit of business storytelling and build your company story bank.

The best sellers are storytellers, and this program creates a team of storytellers. Ask us about our online delivery options too.


Faster connection with

Faster sale because the buyer
is emotionally engaged

Greater customer buy-in
because everyone knows the story

What will the program do for you and your business?


You’ll have natural conversations that get to the heart of your client’s situation, without being pushy.

Prospects will infer and absorb your key selling ideas easily, with no extra effort from you. We call that a ‘pull’ strategy.

Your clients will remember you by your stories, so arranging follow-up meetings will be easier.

You’ll learn how to use your day-to-day experiences (your stories) to make and reinforce business points.

You’ll learn specific story patterns with which to move your opportunities from first contact to closure, closing more and better deals.

You’ll be able to help your clients overcome their fears, and you’ll easily manage the false beliefs and objections that arise in the buyer’s mind.

Finally, your personal relationships will improve as you shift to a richer, more human style of communication—sharing stories.


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