Do you need;

1) a sales presentation for a new product launch 

2) an objective review of an existing presentation or 

3) emergency help to spruce up a presentation for a big meeting.

We got you covered…


Selling unbudgeted B2B products and services is hard. But through some smart prospecting and hard work, your sales rep got a big meeting. A hot prospect has invited your team to give a sales presentation.

The threshold is set high when selling complex B2B products and services. A boring presentation won’t get your prospect to agree to take the next step. You need to inspire your audience and show them that change is not only possible but desirable. Otherwise, the prospect will stick with the status quo. It feels less risky and less costly. Now isn’t the time to risk wasting hard-won opportunities with mediocre sales presentations.


Our design services create remarkable presentations that help you close more sales opportunities. 

We follow a defined process to create a presentation. Then we focus on 4 key components;

Value Proposition

The foundation of an effective sales presentation is to have the right value proposition. Many presentation problems start with weak and convoluted value propositions. We help you tell your value story with clarity.


You don’t want to spew facts, data and your unfounded opinions throughout a presentation. This puts people on the defensive and only serves to entrench their current viewpoint. 


Stories are the most powerful communication tool! Good stories move us and inspire us to take action. Stories are engaging. Way more than spewing facts and data. We structure your sales presentation as a story and sprinkle compelling stories throughout.

User Stories

We borrow the concept of user stories from Agile development. We talk about your product from the perspective of your customer or the end user. No abstract or theoretical ideas. We enable your customer to visualize what their life will be like once they use your product or service.

Status Quo Disruptor Method

This is our proven method  to persuade executives to invest in solutions that do not fit into existing budgets. 


We make your presentation focus on strategic issues that senior decision-makers care about. They are only going to consider your product or service if they believe you can help with a vital problem or seize on a big opportunity.


We also include unique and thought-provoking points of view. You can’t afford to play it safe. You need to shake up the decision-makers and make them realize that your solution is a must-have.

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