Selling unbudgeted B2B products and services is hard. You have to persuade, teach, and inspire to overcome your prospects’ status quo bias. Using stories is the best way to achieve this.



Story-Powered Sales™ training includes a Deliberate Practice Program. This consists of coaching and weekly activities to embed new skills. But not everyone can attend our live training. Story Coaching is an excellent alternative if you can’t attend a full-day program. Or if you have a specific presentation that needs to have more impact or a bigger ‘Wow!’ factor. It’s a great way to learn new story skills that you can apply immediately to real-life situations.


How does it work?

The regular package consists of six one-hour sessions. These are done face-to-face, but we can also do them over the phone or via Zoom.

Each session focuses on a specific aspect of storytelling.


What sort of outcomes can I expect?

Your presentations will have more impact, and people will remember what you said. You will feel more confident and authentic. Whether you’re presenting, delivering a pitch, or just having a discovery call. Because you’ll have a repertoire of stories that you can use to make a business point in an interesting and memorable way.


Salespeople need to tell some stories the same way every time. Such as the ‘company foundation’ and ‘key staff stories’. Our consulting services create these stories for your salespeople. So that they don’t have to invent them ad hoc.

You want your salespeople to stand-out and be engaging. They need to stop telling the company story in a way that sounds like every one of your competitors. Such as “we are the market leader in…”. This type of story fails to differentiate or persuade customers of your uniqueness. But when told properly, your company foundation story is unique. An effective company foundation story is special and interesting.



More sales opportunities by capturing your prospects’ attention.


Increase sales by using stories to rise above the noise and stand-out.


Faster sales because customers are emotionally engaged. Use emotion to inspire and move prospects to take action.

Still not sure that stories can be an effective tool?

Read more here on why you should use stories in complex B2B sales.

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