Top of funnel sales problems, such as prospects not responding, have nothing to do with the product. It has everything to do with your value proposition and messaging.  

Broken value propositions are usually caused by;

1.    Not focusing on what the customer cares about. Your value proposition will not resonate if you talk about lowering costs to an executive who only cares about increasing sales. They won’t reply to your emails or take your phone calls. This is why in the Status Quo Disruptor method™ we focus on strategic issues that matter to executives.  

2.    Lack of differentiation. This takes on many forms. But you need to differentiate in a specific way for unbudgeted B2B products and services. The most important differentiation is from alternative projects. There are hundreds of ways that a company can lower costs. So. for example, if the main value proposition of your product is that it lowers costs. You have to be clear about how it does this better, faster, or cheaper than alternatives. These are not just direct competitors but completely different products and services. If what you sell is not budgeted for by customers then this applies to your direct competitors as well. Customers may have budgeted for alternative ways to lower costs. That is your real competition.  

3.    Weak value offered. The hurdle to overcome status quo bias is big. If you sell B2B products that customers do not budget for then you can not play it safe. You must make a resounding case for why the customer needs to consider changing and why they must change now. Your value propositions need to present unique and thought-provoking points of view.

We follow a defined process to design or iterate on your existing value proposition. We also leverage the Strategyzer® Value Proposition Canvas to help deliver our services.

Our value proposition services may involve a combination of consulting, coaching, and training. Depending on your particular situation.



We facilitate Value Proposition Design Workshops with executives to generate value proposition ideas to 1) refine and improve on your current value propositions 2) prepare to enter new markets or for the launch of a new product


We train your salespeople to tell compelling stories about the value that your products and services create for customers.


We create sales tools that enable your salespeople to articulate thought-provoking points of view and the unique value of each of your products.


We incorporate a ‘why change’ and ‘why now’ into your value propositions. Because you can’t beat status quo bias by using rudimentary value propositions. We then weave this value proposition messaging into calling scripts, email templates, and other sales tools.

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