Who We Serve

We focus on complex B2B sales. The complex sale has a unique set of challenges. You often sell to multiple decision-makers. Also, the cost of what you sell is high, and your products and services are difficult to explain. This results in long and elaborate sales cycles.

In this type of sale, the status quo is often the main competitor. Especially for products and services that fall outside existing budgets. Such as products or services that are;

1.   Innovative

2.   Intangible

3.   In a new category

Selling an unbudgeted solution requires a different sales process than a transactional sale. 


Disruptive Consulting Group training, coaching, and consulting services can help. We have worked with many companies in complex B2B environments to generate a faster pipeline and get more customers.

We work in the following industries;

Software, Hardware, IT Services, Telecommunications, and others
Consulting, Legal, Accounting, Engineering,
and others)
Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management, Fintech and others
Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics, Printing and others
Training, Market Research, Distribution, Logistics, and others.
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