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Workshops & Speaking

Half-day interactive and hands-on workshops. 


We customize the workshops to meet the specific needs of your company. We use small group breakout sessions. Giving attendees the opportunity to put ideas into practice.


The workshops are held in person at your venue. After the workshop, attendees use the new ideas and approaches they learned right away. 


We make sure to make our workshops memorable. Infusing insights from 25+ years of experience. 




Channel sales has so much promise for enterprise software and B2B SaaS companies. The leverage you can get from an optimized channel can be remarkable.


Despite all the benefits of channel sales, many enterprise software and B2B SaaS companies have under-performing channels. Why is this? and how can this be remedied?




  • Why are your existing channels underperforming

  • Identifying ideal partner profiles

  • How to rise above the noise and become a preferred vendor for your VARs

  • Market mapping and avoiding channel conflict

  • Optimizing sales performance



Status quo is by far the number one competitor when selling B2B technology.

Deals lost on price are often really lost because the customer decided to stay with the status quo. An inability to displace an incumbent vendor is usually not because the customer loves their current supplier so much. They just don’t want to go through the pain of change.

Companies, and the decision makers who work there, have a strong bias towards staying with the existing state of affairs.


To sell B2B technology, the status quo bias of customers must be “disrupted”. 



  • What is the status quo bias

    • no decision

    • staying with an incumbent supplier

  • How to overcome the bias towards status quo

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Why are buyers & decision makers afraid of change   

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